P0216 cummins

P0216 - Injection Timing Control Circuit Malfunction

Not to worry though! Diesel Addict will arm with the most information possible to make the problem a piece of cake.

p0216 cummins

Lets learn more about VP44 pumps below! The fuel injection pump VP44 is an electronic rotary distributor pump. The pump performs four basic functions. It first produces the high fuel pressure required for fuel injection.

The pump also meters the exact amount of fuel for each injection cycle. As the diesel fuel moves through the VP44 it is distributing the high-pressure, metered fuel to each cylinder at the precise time. The fuel pump then varies the timing relative to your Cummins engine speed. The most common cause of VP44 failure is to lack of fuel. Dodge trucks Unlike most injection pumps the VP44 is fuel cooled and lubricated.

Therefore, if its fuel supply comes from a weak lift pump, it is very easy for the VP44 to overheat and cause damage to itself. This lack of fuel results in one of two types of failure within the VP One is that the diaphragm inside of the pump is damaged and does not allow the pump to build up the appropriate amount of pressure. The second is that the overheating causes the computer portion of the pump to also overheat and thus, creates a communication failure between the ECM and the Injection pump.

The most common mechanical failure of the VP44 pump is rupturing of the diaphragm in the front of the injection pump. The diaphragm ruptures allowing the timing piston to vibrate and damage the front cover until fuel bypasses.

This will cause the dreaded check engine trouble code P The rupturing of the diaphragm is caused by a poorly designed lift pump. Dodge has recognized this problem as they will no longer even sell the lift pump that goes on the side of the block; they replace it with a unit that is now mounted in the tank. A seized rotor is a common problem with trucks or ones with a rebuilt pump without an upgraded rotor, coating, and distributor.

This mechanical failure of the VP44 is located in the head of the pump and is a communal problem that has plagued the Cummins engines for a long time.We can see that your guest and been lurking about.

When you register on the MoparMan.

p0216 cummins

Com site you'll be able to interact with all the other members. This is the most friendliest Cummins forum you'll ever join. Com this will open up many more options and functions on the website. Everyone is very friendly and helpful just ask questions and everyone will help you out the best they can. The previous owner told me about this problemwhen the truck is running at speeds of 60 o 70 the pedal wont respond and the speed goes down and I have to lower the speed by braking or putting it on neutral and then it will respond.

What do you guys think? The P means the injection pump can't advance properly. Unfortunately, there are no user serviceable parts in the VP44 so it will have to be replaced to solve the "dead pedal" problem. Eventually, it will die all together and wont restart. I ran with a P for nearly a year, with intermittent dead pedal and hard starting, before the injection pump finally quit completely.

p0216 cummins

He has an Airdog so I figured he had good pressure. But, while we are there when was it put on? I don't have an airdog on this one this is the new truck I just bought 5 spd 4x4 withmiles.

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I am planning in putting a temporary fuel pressure tomorrow and was wanting to see if I could tap it on top of the fuel filter is that possible in this year? Is there any thing I can do to the pump before it dies 2 cycle oil anything? You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead.

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Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL.Join Date: Mar Location: Texas. Posts: 5. Codes P and P This truck was leased Aug and we took the purchase option Aug The truck has been pampered. It only has k, never driven hard. We are the original owners. The truck died one day, just quit. No warning and no stutter, just stopped running while going down the road.

After changing the fuel filter and trying repeatedly, it started. About weeks later it just died again. He changed one fuel pump but it didn't help, still it won't start. Had it towed to the shop for code reading and got P and P After the shop replaced some fuses P cleared, but P keeps coming back and the truck still will not start. The shop told us he believes the fuel pump injector has gone out and this will cost for part alone. Does this sound right?

p0216 cummins

I am grasping at straws, any ideas are appreciated. We can't afford to experiment and fail. Sponsored links. Join Date: Jan Posts: 19, Re: Codes P and P P is the transfer pump circut out of range. And I'm going to move this thread to the 2nd gen section.

How do we check the fuel pressure and the operation of the LP pump?

P0216 OBD-II Trouble Code: Injection Timing Control Circuit Malfunction

What is the difference in the second gen section? Join Date: Feb Location: nc, davie county. Posts: 1, Yes, a Dodge Ram 4x4. Sorry I don't know much about this but I would really appreciate a course, I am trying to get information for my husband and our truck.Your email address will not be published. What does the code mean? OBD-ii Code P definition: Basically this means the diesel fuel injection pump has a timing failure.

This could be that the injection pump timing needs adjusted OR the failure is internal to the injection pump and therefore non-adjustable.

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Prolonged fuel delivery problems can cause injection pump failure! Fuel delivery problems could be: A plugged diesel fuel filter An in-tank blockage Air in the fuel due to a cracked in-tank fuel ine above the fuel level Bad transfer lift pump Injection pump out of time. Solutions First, simply check if your injection pump timing is adjustable. If so, check the timing and adjust if necessary. If you think that you may have a fuel delivery problem, then check the lift pump operation. On Dodge Ram with the Cummins engine, the lift pump should produce about 45 oz of diesel in 25 seconds of operation.

This can be performed by disconnecting the fuel hose from the injection pump and pumping the fuel into an approved container. Bump the engine over but do not start it. Then the lift pump will operate for 25 seconds. With the fuel hose connected the fuel pressure should be 10psi. If the fuel delivery tests fail, replace the diesel fuel filter and recheck.

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If it still fails then verify there are no restrictions in the fuel tank Then replace the lift transfer pump. This occurs because even a weak transfer pump can still provide enough fuel for the engine to run.

If you found your injection pump to be bad, the lift pump should be checked for operation to protect the new injection pump. This is because weak or low output from lift pump are common cause of injection pump failure. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Ford All Models By MoparMan. Fuel injection pump operation is monitored with ignition on. Turn ignition on with engine off. Using scan tool, check for DTCs. If Good Trip Counter changes to zero, go to next step. If Good Trip Counter does not change to zero, the test is complete. Turn ignition off. Check for proper fuel injection pump timing and alignment of fuel injection pump drive gear. If fuel injection pump timing and alignment of fuel injection pump drive gear are not correct, adjust as necessary.

Check fuel pressure drop across fuel filter. If fuel pressure drop is as specified, go to next step. If fuel pressure drop is not as specified, check for restriction and repair as necessary. Check transfer pump inlet for a restriction. If transfer pump inlet restriction is acceptable, replace fuel injection pump. If transfer pump inlet restriction is not acceptable, repair transfer pump inlet line restriction. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

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Upload or insert images from URL. Show all categories. Search In. By MoparMan December 31, This can happen for multiple reasons and a mechanic needs to diagnose the specific cause for this code to be triggered in your situation.

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Our certified mobile mechanics can come to your home or office to perform the Check Engine Light diagnostic. The P code indicates that there is an erratic reading portrayed from these components, so it is important to test each one.

Your vehicle may not have all of the components listed, but the ones which it does should be tested. The purpose of the optical sensor is to count the "pulses" emitted by the rotor disc in the injection pump. The rotor is silver colored, notched with two sets of impressions. For example : :. The outlying notches provide the ECM with fuel pump speed information. The inner rotor uses 8 notches one for each cylinder to send the ECM cam reference info. If your vehicle is a diesel, the P code is likely an indication that the optical sensor is sending erroneous readings.

If your vehicle is not a diesel, you likely have a fault with one of the other components listed above. A faulty intake air temperature sensor, crankshaft position sensor, or accelerator pedal position sensor. A short to power or ground in the wiring related to the intake air temperature sensor, crankshaft position sensor, or accelerator pedal position sensor.

Corrosion buildup on the connectors of the intake air temperature sensor, crankshaft position sensor,accelerator pedal position sensor, fuel injector or related wiring. Views the freeze frame data of the trouble code to determine the values of the optical sensor, crankshaft position sensor, accelerator pedal position sensor, and the intake air temperature sensor.

Uses a scan tool to view the live data feedback of the optical sensor, crankshaft position sensor, accelerator pedal position sensor, and the intake air temperature sensor. The specifications will differ based on the year make and model of the vehicle. The specifications for your particular vehicle may be found through a site such as ProDemand or ask a mechanic.

There are many things which can cause the trouble code P It is important to thoroughly test the components listed as the potential cause of the problem before just pointing one out as faulted. First find out which components are applicable for your vehicle.

Then test the optical sensor, crankshaft position sensor, accelerator pedal position sensor, and the intake air temperature sensor, as found applicable.

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Other than a potential no start or stall condition, it is generally not extremely serious. However, keep in mind that with a Check Engine Light being on, you can not legally pass inspection.

Replacing a faulty crankshaft position sensor. Replacing a clogged fuel filter. Replacing a faulty fuel pump. Replacing faulty spark plugs.What does P Mean. TDI s : TDI s : Jetta that I fill by myself. I wash the motor down after the cleaning. TDI s : ex- wagon, ex Jetta. Re: What does P Mean. I have this exact symptom. Flashing glowplug light and MIL showing p code.

I am going to change the fuel filter because from other posts i have read the p code could be from the IP trying to pull through a restricted fuel line. It seemed to happen when after I filled up the tank with fuel and noticed reduced acceleration that got noticeable as I drove more.

The MIL light appeared immediately when I added some Diesel Kleen with the injection cleaning properties grey bottle to the tank with about miles since the fill-up. There seems to be a hesitation in power above rpm. The motor will rev up to rpm i was just testing up to that, it could go higher without a problem. Anyone care to opine?

Changed the fuel filter. Still get the MIL on and flashing glowplug light. I have had the brake switch recall with the updated switch and my brake lights are fine.

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When I rev the engine up to it will go but stumbles along the way after about rpm. Drove miles after the fuel filter change. I have power overall. It's not like limp mode but i dont have near the acceleration i used to have.

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